2012 We are now VeriSign Trusted!
Many changes to design and function of site.
Several items removed
TONS of new items added!
2011 Per special request, we started selling some items in bulk.
2009 New page on Facebook
New website format utilizing PHP & MySQL database!
Several items removed
Lots of new items added!
2008 Nothing to exciting
2007 More new items
Several changes to website
2006 Tons of new items added
Whole new website with lots of information, and more product categories than ever
CD's are no longer listed on the website
2005 Moved to a new location
Registered with the state of WI
Officially titled "LlamaTronics, LLC"
LlamaTronics, Technology Forums Launched
2004 Slow, but steady growth
Added a few more items
Started an Ebay Store
2003 More new items added
Set up at a few trade shows
2002 Lots of new items added
Started selling excess inventory on Ebay
PayPal Shopping cart added to website
2001 LlamaTronics officially named
Website launched
Added a few computer parts
2000 LlamaTronics was started as an e-mail list of used CD's for sale